Collin testing

With One Design Company

Sticks and Stones

Full Stack Web Development

Chris Malven

Creative Direction + Photography

David Sieren

Art Direction + Design

Kyle Meyer + Collin Joyce

Project Management

James Johnston

Language Research

Elisabeth Hass

Realtime Speech Recognition

Andy Giannini

A small team at One Design Company created Sticks and Stones as their entry into Typeforce VII, an annual exhibition celebrating typographic design. Sticks and Stones is an exploration of the power of negative language and intent. As participants speak into a microphone, a visualization reacts to their words, with a negative language causing destruction, and time returning things to normal.

I was responsible for integrating the speech detection and sentiment analysis and creating all visualization and animation behavior.

Sticks and stones interactions
Collin testing

Photography by David Sieren

Typeforce opening 3

Photography by David Sieren

Typeforce installation

Photography by David Sieren

Typeforce opening 2

Photography by David Sieren