Measure Bug Cards 03

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Chad Johnston, Chris Malven, Austin Van Laar

During my tenure at Iowa super-studio Measure I produced a wide variety of internal and external print, identity, and interactive work for a wide variety of industries. Here's just a taste of some of that work.

Gold Bug Face Full Preview
Measure Bug Cards 03
Measure Bug Cards 01
Measure Bug Cards 04
Measure Bug Cards 02
Kemin Pc 01
Kemin Pc 02
Kemin Pc 03
Kemin Pc 05
Kemin Pc 06
Kemin Pc 04
Dmac Gala Program Cover Outside
Dmac Gala Invite Spread
Dmac Map Spread
Dmac Program Cover
Dmac Program Menu Spread
Measurepromo 002
Measurepromo 016
Measurepromo 017
Measurepromo 019
Measurepromo 020
Measure Test Poster On Stand
Measureatherton 001
Measureatherton 005
Measureatherton 006
Measureatherton 008