File Setup: Adobe Illustrator

Setting up your design document from the start can help keep the design process smooth as things get more complex, and ensures the smoothest transition when moving into development. Below are some guidelines on how to set up your Illustrator document for the best possible results.

Initial Setup

  • Display Print Size at 100% Zoom is Unchecked in Preferences > General
  • Working Spaces > RGB is set to sRGB IEC61966-2.1 in Edit > Color Settings
  • File > Document Color Mode is set to RGB Color

Working Settings

Snap to Pixel

We recommend working with View > Snap to Pixel turned on my default, and only temporarily disabling it when you need to make sub-pixel adjustments. Snap to Pixel helps ensure that all generated graphics have crisp, precise edges, and that your design will look as accurate as possible when View > Pixel Preview is turned on (see below).

Pixel Preview

When you turn enable View > Pixel Preview Illustrator will render your design in a way that reflects far more accurately how your file design will appear on the web. Using Pixel Preview is especially important for judging how type will be rendered, as Illustrator can display some type weights significantly differently depending on whether Pixel Preview is enabled.

Illustrator performance does tend to slow down significantly when Pixel Preview is enabled, so we recommend only enabling it periodically to judge how things are looking, or intentionally using it when choosing specific typefaces and weights.